Earworms: #5, #6, #7

I love Tellison. Their 2007 debut album Contact! Contact! ought to have been massive, there were others albums around at the time from on the face of it quite similar bands with a vaguely similar sound but this was so very much better, the songs are tighter and the hooks catchier, the energy more infectious. It lifts the band well above the competition… yet seemingly nothing.

It barely scraped the surface of popularity, an underground hit reaching success as much through word of mouth as from publicity – though I understand some songs did get played on some E4 shows. Read into that what you will. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t follow the music press so I don’t know who is getting PR and who isn’t, but I like to think I have an idea of who is emerging. It is time Tellison did.

The band has now recorded a second album (I don’t know when it is out) and have set about touring the UK to support it. I am planning to see them tomorrow, Wednesday October 6th where they will playing at The Orange Box in Yeovil, in support of Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly.

I’m breaking with the short-lived tradition of this ‘Song of the Day’ series by including three songs. If you like these songs check out YouTube/iTunes/Spotify to see if you like some more but most importantly DO NOT PIRATE these songs. Please buy them and consider getting the full album/s. This isn’t a massive band on a massive record label and they need and deserve the money and recognition from real sales. They make a difference.

Artist: Tellison
Song: Gallery
Album: Contact! Contact!
Year: 2007

Artist: Tellison
Song: New York New York New York (live version)
Album: Contact! Contact!
Year: 2007

Artist: Tellison
Song: Wasp’s Nest
Album: n/a – standalone single
Year: 2008

Contact! Contact! and the single Wasp’s Nest are available on iTunes and Spotify. The new album is out soon.


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