A Round of Golf: 20th Feb ’11

I need to lose weight and get fit. I’m not fat per se, apart from the beer belly, but I am really unfit because I’ve worked in office jobs for a few years now. The last (er, only) long-term physical job I had ended in 2004, the distribution warehouse work of packing boxes and pushing trolleys kept me reasonably fit (and constantly hungry), since then it has been easy to be lazy.

A few years ago Dad and I started playing golf. We’ve both gradually improved over time but I seem to have reached a plateau. Unfortunately we can’t play in the British winter because we play mainly for fun, unlike some people we don’t think it is fun to hack at long muddy wet grass in the middle of a heavy spell of rain, or even in ice. This means we’ve not played since October. That was, until last Sunday.

Inspired by the blogging of the running exploits of Gavin, Christine and Amy, I thought it would be good to keep track of my progress here. Before anyone gets their hopes up, I’m not very good and the scores are fairly high..

We normally play at Wolfedale, at Charminster near Dorchester. Occasionally we go to my local course at West Bay with the odd visit elsewhere. Neither of us has an official handicap but we run our own because he’s been playing for years longer than I have, and he’s generally better than me. The handicap is 20 shots. I’m pleased to say I’ve regularly beaten him on handicap so he’s talking about reducing it!

This week’s round:

Date: 20th Feb 2011
Course: Bridport & West Dorset Golf Club
Distance: 5875 yds (yellow tees)
A links course on clifftops where it can be very windy. It features a unique hole which tees at the top of a cliff, dropping on to a green 90 feet below. I took a short video of this hole last September.


Hole Yards Par Me Dad Hole Yards Par Me Dad
1 421 4 9 7 10 173 3 6 5
2 392 4 7 5 11 396 4 6 6
3 536 5 10 8 12 491 4 7 6
4 169 3 4 4 13 371 4 10 5
5 496 5 12 9 14 157 3 6 7
6 133 3 6 5 15 438 4 6 6
7 242 4 6 5 16 544 5 10 9
8 359 4 8 7 17 351 4 9 5
9 360 4 6 5 18 184 3 4 4
36 68 55 34 64 53
Out 68 55
In 64 53
Round 132 108

Dad wins by 4 shots on our handicap.

I had four scores in double figures. Disappointing, but that’s actually not too bad for the first game in four months. I had a great run of 6s there which I’m really pleased with. Dad was impressed, he’s usually not happy to get too far over 100 but was pleased this time after such a long lay-off. I was a little disappointed with 132 as I’m usually nearer 120 but I had to remember I usually score worse at this course than I do at others. Not that either of us mind scoring a little higher at this course, it is such a nice place to play. Can’t wait for spring and summer when the winds have died down, the place is fantastic in late afternoon in summer sun.

And I only lost one ball. That’s really not bad for me.

As I’m writing this on Friday night I can tell you we both ached for ages afterwards, and I felt tired and worn out for days! Terribly unfit and fat after the Christmas luxuries and all the other fattening lovely winter foods like soups and chocolates and pies, while loafing on the sofa doing nothing. Payback!

I’m going to use this as my reference card for 2011 at this course, I do have previous cards but I didn’t mark a date on them so I can’t tell my progress. This coming weekend we’re hoping to go to another course, I’ll let you know how we get on.


3 thoughts on “A Round of Golf: 20th Feb ’11”

  1. Despite some poor scores, you are still probably playing better than Tiger Woods.

    I like this, and I can understand it a bit more than running for example. Good luck with it.

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