Bridport Floods!

After the lack of rain in the first half of the year, right through to the tremendous sunshine in early/mid-June, it was a shock to the system to receive six weeks worth of almost continuous rain! It was dreary and dull and very miserable, it gets you down after a while. Even in the winter the sun perks you up.

It was heavy too, and by early July the fields and rivers all across the region had cried enough. Roads and rail lines were flooded. Usually this stuff passes us by in Bridport, we get the wind and rain but little ill effects. And when I heard of problems I naturally assumed it was affecting people in our region but not us. Of course I’d noted the rain but in my 1st-floor flat in the middle of town it just looked like a lot of rain. It was only when reports came of local roads and fields flooding that I realised it had got here!

I decided to take a walk with my camera to document it. I remind you this was the 7th of July!

East Street Bridge:

East Road petrol station:

Thankfully there was little damage done. I think only a few houses in West Street and the bottom of South Street needed pumping out by the Fire Service – it could’ve been worse. Downstream from East Bridge is Asker Meadow (next to Morrisons), where people go to walk their dogs, and where the river had breached the banks.

Asker Meadow:

The cows in the meadow tried to take shelter – and this photo is how the same spot normally looks in a photo taken two weeks later.

We came close to losing the beer!

Thankfully it was mostly harmless but just a little worse would’ve taken it over the various barriers. After taking this photos I headed home for fear all this water could breach the earth bank I was stood on here, and because I was soaking wet through and wanted to protect the camera! Because the roads were impassable I had to walk the long way around, via Sea Road, just to get to the town centre.

Aside from the roads almost being cut off on most sides and the water getting in on the approach roads, the very centre of town was unaffected, being on a slight hill. My place was also completely safe. I was glad I lived on the 1st floor. It makes you appreciate not living somewhere that floods more regularly, such as our neighbouring county of Devon.

A few months have passed and we had a break from rain for a while. Then in November we had another really big batch of rain, the water table is still high and the fields are sodden. Now whenever we get a normal amount of winter rain, as we’ve had this week, instead of soaking into the ground or into streams and rivers it just runs off on to all the roads making them difficult to pass. To think in April the farmers were complaining about a lack of it! Now they are weeks behind schedule. We just need a clear week or two to let it recover.


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