London 2012: Part 1 – Weymouth Preparing

In another late series of posts, I’m looking back at last year’s magnificent summer centred around the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games.

No Big Tickets? No Problem

The London 2012 ticket lottery was famously overwhelmed, it left me out of luck for the Olympics so it left me in a quandry.

Q – What do you do if you didn’t get tickets for the main events in London?

A – Go to London anyway to soak up the atmosphere, get some of the more plentiful football tickets at the nearest stadium, apply for Paralympics tickets, have a look at the closest venue, watch as much as possible on TV.

These became my goals for enjoying London 2012.

I managed to secure tickets to the football, among applications for something like 10 events it was the only thing I won, albeit in Cardiff not London and before the Opening Ceremony even took place! At least I’d see something. There were also plenty of free events and – result! – I got lucky with the Paralympics draw so I had those to look forward to in September. That was a little way off yet.

Handily LOCOG had decided to hold the sailing events well away from London so they were just barely 20 miles away from me, in Weymouth and Portland. I’m not in the slightest bit interested in sailing but it would be wrong not to at least check it out so I decided to take a look before things ramped up to see how preparations were getting along. I thought I might return during the Games to watch the big screens on the beach. As it turned out I didn’t do this, which I regret, as those same big screens were also showing Games events held elsewhere. In addition to the big screens, there would be a ticketed area which would set me back £50 just to sit on a hill watching faraway boats. At that price it didn’t appeal, I’ll leave that for fans of the sport who can understand what they’re watching.

Tuesday, 24th July 2012

Olympic Week. Four days before the Opening Ceremony took place, and two days before I would take myself off to Cardiff to see the football. I went for a drive and a walk around Weymouth after work.

I got there and went straight to the front. It was a glorious evening and a great time to get some fresh sea air! I wasn’t sure what I was expecting, I knew there’d be Olympic decoration yet it was still weird seeing such a familiar local landmark with London 2012 banners along the full length of the promenade, along the fence and at regular intervals.


The stage was being set up, and sports areas appearing on the beach.

Local kids had made some boats to welcome the world… and maybe pirates too.

I also had a little wander around the inner harbour. I chose not to go to Portland, I’ve been over the causeway before and to be honest I don’t think I would’ve have seen anything too Olympic. The island would be closed off anyway to all but competitors and residents, and this trip was all about a recce in case I wanted to come along to the beach.

I also saw my first Olympic directions sign! Excitement for sign geeks.

Just a little taster then, just enough to get a little more excited about the weeks ahead. Even the traffic signs were smiling already.


This is part 1 from my delayed series of posts on London 2012. Four posts highlighting women’s football, and the atmosphere and free events around the London 2012 Games in the Capital itself, and three posts about attending the Paralympic Games.

Other parts:



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