Teenage Kicks – Ten Albums From Your Teens

I’ve intended for a while to write more about music. Here is a great opportunity – recently one of those Facebook memes was doing the rounds, of the type I usually ignore, but this one got my attention. It was fun to think back!

List 10 albums that made a lasting impression on you as a TEENAGER, but only one per band/artist. Don’t take too long and don’t think too much. Re-post your answers on your own timeline and tag me.

Oasis – What’s The Story (Morning Glory)
Sleeper – The It Girl
Blur – Parklife
Manic Street Preachers – Everything Must Go
Placebo – Without You I’m Nothing
Stereophonics – Performance And Cocktails
Radiohead – OK Computer
Echobelly – On
Space – Spiders
Idlewild – Hope Is Important

I was definitely a 90’s Britpop/indie/rock teen! I didn’t start listening to albums and developing a taste in music until I was 15, in 1995, and didn’t explore older stuff and other genres until I was 19 or 20. I think most people start discovering music in their teens. Prior to ’95 I was listening to a small handful of ‘various artists’ cassettes. Then I started making mixtapes with a lot of stuff from the above list and more.

The one album per artist rule made it difficult! I wanted to include The Masterplan by Oasis,the B-sides album really was better than a lot of other artists primary albums, and The Great Escape by Blur though looking at it today I don’t think that one stood the test of time. I liked Definitely Maybe but didn’t listen to it as often.

You have to write the list in one go without spending too long on it. After writing it I realised I could swap out Idlewild or Space and put in Bring It On by Gomez or perhaps Free Peace Sweet by Dodgy. I also went through a phase of very heavily listening to a Queen mixtape I’d made.

And obviously The Bends is as much as classic Radiohead album as OK Computer, but it was released before I was really paying attention – OK Computer really was the one that got me to pay attention to them, especially the video to Karma Police.

What’s The Story was my first ever album on CD format, it was given to me for Christmas.

Sleeper I found through a (now former) school friend and I became addicted this album, which turned out to be the best of their three as well as most successful.

Without You I’m Nothing seemed a perfect fit for an angst-ridden 18 year old and made for a great driving album! I’m not sure I’d listen to it now when driving, but at 18..

Space were always a bit quirky and I did like that album a lot at the time. I think they’re often forgotten today.

Idlewild was what came to mind while writing, again another one that suited an angst-ridden 18 year old. Hope Is Important is a very raw album that sounds nothing like their polished radio-friendly later work.


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