I’m Pat and I live in the South West of England. I’m work in accounts for a farm and food production company. This blog has little or nothing to do with my work. All opinions here are personal and not that of my company.

I’ve lived in various places around West Dorset, East Devon and South Somerset as well as a few years slightly further afield in Southampton and nine months in Dundee.

My interests include motorsport (watching and attending), exploring music, a little bit of badly-played golf, wandering the South & South West beaches in the sun, and trying the odd new food or drink that comes along.

That is where the blog comes in, I thought it would be useful to note down some of my meanderings in the hope it would help me reach some conclusions and in the process discover what I think. Failing that it is a diary of what I think at a given time.

This is a space to allow my mind to wander which it does often. I have a terrible memory and this will act as a repository for things I’ve seen and done! Social media is brilliant but it is fleeting, you can share a favourite song or comment on a film but it vanishes into the ether in 30 minutes, forgotten.

I also have a motorsport blog because I watch too much racing (or I did before I cut it back a bit).

I keep stopping and starting these two blogs because the work that comes with it (editing photos, taking the time to plan and sit and write) can become laborious and I’ve not found the right methodology yet!


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