I’m Selling Things

As I will soon be moving house this is the ideal time to get rid of some clutter, some of which has been sat in boxes since the last time I moved a year ago, and probably the previous time three years before that.

I’m going to list all of these on my eBay account* and I hope you’ll be interested in some of it, even if you then sell it on again. If you like anything here and it isn’t on eBay yet, make me an offer. It’ll save me the time/effort of listing it.

* I hope that link takes you to my sales listings

Here is the preliminary list, more may be added later.


Battlestar Galactica – Series 1


Jeremy Beadle’s Beginners Guide to Practical Joking
Mr.T (animated)
Return of the Monster Trucks
The Merry Mishaps of Mr Bean
Great Trains – The Glacier Express


Clubber’s Guide to.. Ibiza
The Clubber’s Bible II The Second Coming
Clubbed mixed by Judge Jules
Eminem – Stan



The BEST Book of Formula One Facts & Stats Ever!
The Concise Encyclopedia of Formula One
Formula 1 2000 Virgin Pocket Annual


‘Allo ‘Allo – The War Diaries of Rene Artois
‘Allo ‘Allo – The War Diaries of Rene Artois Volume 2
More Viz Crap Jokes
Graffitti The Scrawl of the Wild
The Official Graffitti Joke Book
At Home With Fred
Pure Fred
Far Side: It Came From the Far Side
Far Side: Wiener Dog Art
Far Side: Cows of Our Planet
Far Side: The Far Side Gallery 2
Dilbert: Still Pumped From Using The Mouse
The Private Eye Little Book of Dumb Britain
The Guinness Book of Humorous Gaffes
Simon Mayo’s Confessions
How to be a Wally
The Mammoth Book of Tasteless Lists
Sex, Shopping & Chocolate, the hilarious world of Dot
The Crazy World of Cats
Flight From Deathrow (Harry Hill)


The First Chronicles of Druss The Legend
The Uninvited
The Uninvited 2
The Dark Side of the Sun (Terry Pratchett but not Discworld)


Freak or Unique? The Chris Evans Story
Macmillan Concise Encyclopedia (1994 Edition)
You’ll Never Believe It
Explaining the Unexplained
The X Files – Trust No One
Without A Trace (about the Bermuda Triangle)
Encyclopedia of the Car
Teach Yourself Chess
Who Wants to be a Millionaire – Quiz Book
Law for Business Students
Ada 95 From the Beginning


Star Trek Voyager Elite Force
Delta Force 2
Sold Out: Tomb Raider
Sold Out: Tomb Raider II
151 games
Total Club Manager 2005 (EA)
Juggernaut for Quake II (new levels)
Rally Championship
Rally Championship X-Miles
CD5 – Desert Strike, Jungle Strike, Actua Soccer, Slipstream 5000, Retribution
Cluedo – Murder at Blackwell Grange
Cluedo Chronicles – Fatal Illusion
Championship Manager Season 01/02
Championship Manager 4
Football Manager 2005
CD Maker Deluxe


LG U8120 phone
Nokia 6030


Welcome to my new blog!

A special welcome to my new personal blog!

I have been writing about motorsport for some time and I’ve come to realise I need a place to put my thoughts about the world in general. This could be to let people know what I’m thinking, it could just be as a vent for any creative feelings, or it could simply be so that I can refer back to it later because I’m unbelievably forgetful.

I’m not planning regular updates, let’s just keep it natural and let’s see how it flows. It will probably have posts about music, TV, films and things I’m doing as well as the odd thought on wider events. We’ll see what appears, what works and what doesn’t. For the moment I’m just going to leave it at this post while I play around with the blog theme and settings, and I’ll be back in a day or two with the first real blog post.

Special mention to Christine, Lukeh, Gavin and RG among many others for showing that you can make a personal blog without being all self-absorbed, as my dim and distant first incarnation was several years ago!

In general they’ll probably just be short updates the size of this one but I am known to waffle when I’m sat at the computer typing away, after all I may not be a good orator, but I am better with a keyboard.