Earworms: #1

I like music. I like different sorts of music but mainly I like stuff with guitars, whether it be loud or quiet, soft or hard. I also like to let people know what I like, in the hope they might like it too. So here is the first of what I hope will be many Songs of the Day [2012 edit: I’ve now renamed this strand ‘Earworms‘].

My first choice is here for no other reason than I was in the mood to listen to it this evening, I was always going to put the first in the series up today but hadn’t decided what to pick, if I’d been in a different mood I might have shared a relaxed track or in an angry mood something raucous so this is very much an unplanned series, I’m just going with the flow.

I hope you like this series, you’ll possibly find you’ll like some things and not other things, that is the nature of music and I hope if you don’t like something you’ll come back in a few days to try the next one. Eventually you may find you like or dislike the stuff I’m posting..

This is Youthmovies with ‘The Naughtiest Girl Is A Monitor’ from their album ‘Good Nature’, as posted to what seems to be their own YouTube account.

Artist:  Youthmovies
:  The Naughtiest Girl Is A Monitor
:  Good Nature
:  2008

Hear more of my Earworms.


Welcome to my new blog!

A special welcome to my new personal blog!

I have been writing about motorsport for some time and I’ve come to realise I need a place to put my thoughts about the world in general. This could be to let people know what I’m thinking, it could just be as a vent for any creative feelings, or it could simply be so that I can refer back to it later because I’m unbelievably forgetful.

I’m not planning regular updates, let’s just keep it natural and let’s see how it flows. It will probably have posts about music, TV, films and things I’m doing as well as the odd thought on wider events. We’ll see what appears, what works and what doesn’t. For the moment I’m just going to leave it at this post while I play around with the blog theme and settings, and I’ll be back in a day or two with the first real blog post.

Special mention to Christine, Lukeh, Gavin and RG among many others for showing that you can make a personal blog without being all self-absorbed, as my dim and distant first incarnation was several years ago!

In general they’ll probably just be short updates the size of this one but I am known to waffle when I’m sat at the computer typing away, after all I may not be a good orator, but I am better with a keyboard.