A Lucky Escape

Just about a month ago, a tractor & agricultural trailer reversed into my car.


Given I was at the wheel at the time, this shook me up quite a bit.

I am very thankful the A-pillar of a 2004 SEAT Leon is as strong as it is. Older or less well-built cars may have crumpled there and then. I’m even more glad it hit the pillar and not the window!

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A House!

And… relax!

I have never before been as busy I was in 2014. It was the perfect storm of several things happening at the same time. A year of ups and downs and changes. Eventually it turned out for the better but only after a lot of stress, worry and hard work.

This is why I haven’t been blogging very much on either of my sites for the last year or more, why I cut down in other areas both offline and online – and why online I effectively limited myself to Twitter!

Without going into too much detail…

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