Things I Tried: Whisky & Coke

I’ve thought for a while that I might start a series of posts about different foods and drinks I’ve tried, mostly about new lines or special editions but also things I just have never got around to having before. This totally looks like I’m stealing an idea from Christine but I genuinely have been curious about new food and drink for many years, if I’m honest if anything I put this off because she started her series. I used to read the now-defunct Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit to get biscuit suggestions. I tried the latest crisps or chocolate bars or soft drinks when they came out. When Kit-Kat came out with the special editions I was made-up, my top chocolate snack in Mint, Orange, White chocolate and more – brilliant! Then the gold Wispa, ahh.

But since the latest post from Christine is about whisky and Coke I thought I’d kick off my own series with a reply to it.

My boss bought me a bottle of Bell’s Scotch Whisky for Christmas last year, he’s really nice in that he buys us presents. I was a little disappointed because the previous year I had wine and I know I like wine, I didn’t really like whisky. I don’t really like many spirits having habitually been a beer/wine/cider drinker. I’d only tried it once but wasn’t a fan, so this sat on my shelf for months. Then I tried it. I put it in a small glass with some Coke.

Everyone is right when they say it is an ‘acquired’ taste – I don’t recommend trying it neat at first as I did, ugh, mix it! It is probably fair to say Bell’s is at the lower-middle end of the market (not the worst, not the best), but that’s absolutely fine because you don’t want to reject the pricey stuff. I started with a small amount, which was quite sweet but essentially Coke with a funny aftertaste. Over time I added more as I got used to it. Now I have a reasonable amount!

The trick is to find the right balance between Coke and whisky – it can be hard to find it. Go too far and it isn’t very nice in both aftertaste and alcohol content. The taste does grow on you over time though. If you add a bit more it is the ideal slow drink for a cold late evening, a winter warmer to get the inside temperature going, or a post drinking session wind-down as you’re not hammering it down, at least, you’re not supposed to…

A fair helping of Bell's in a small glass
...with Coke

I’m growing fond of it. I’ll be buying different brands over time to see which I prefer. Shame it is a bit expensive though.

I do like Jack Daniel’s, it is a slightly different style of drink though really, and my ultimate favourite spirit is Southern Comfort which while a little similar is also so totally different and very very drinkable.


8 thoughts on “Things I Tried: Whisky & Coke”

  1. When I worked at a pub people used to drink Bells whiskey but watered down? We use to have little water jugs with Bells printed on them just for that purpose. Don’t know if this affects the horrible taste neat 😛

  2. Yeah some put water with it, you reminded me that’s what I tried first because I’d heard of whisky and water – it was awful! Coke is much better. I tried Pepsi too actually… I prefer Pepsi as a drink but it isn’t a good mixer.

  3. I’m sorry I put you off! You should definitely have started because I am rrrrubbish at trying new foods. It’s my least favourite thing, I don’t even know why I put it on my life list. I am looking forward to you doing much better than me 🙂

  4. The purists say there are two ways to drink whisky. Either neat or with water. So having little jugs of water is traditionally although much rarer now than it used to be.

  5. Yeh, bells is good, however I think Famous Grouse is the best “blended” whiskey around… go check out some single malts! Laphroig is a good one!

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